Our Story

Calm The Ham was founded in June 2012 by architect and designer Cathryn Lavery who was looking for a way to ignite, convey and create art on her own terms. She joined forces with friends and fellow artists Josh Latta (a cartoon genius) and architect/ designer Matt Drury. Together they became a band of independent artists fighting life's monotony through design; doing their best to make the world just that little bit more awesome with their work.

I know what you’re thinking; why Calm The Ham? Well it’s just another way to say relax, cool your jets, chill the beans etc. We use design as our weapon of choice against the daily grind and the best art is done when you Calm The Ham. Besides this, our founder is from Ireland and she thought it was cool that 'Calm The Ham' rhymes. It does... but in an Irish accent. Repeat after her:


(we should really put a sound bite in here)